Moving a windows 2019 application license server into AHV cluster from Hyper-V

  • 28 December 2020
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So guys I’ve got a flexlm license server running Windows Server 2019 that I am trying to use Move to migrate into my AHV cluster.  I tried migrating it once and it blew up the license server since I guess it builds a unique machine ID using a disk and perhaps CPU ID. Any idea on how to clone this in Move so when it comes across FlexLM and other license daemons are none the wiser?


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4 replies

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I don’t think you can manage that. Can you apply for a new license with a new Machine ID or a different CPU ID?

That's exactly what I’m trying to avoid as it would incur downtime.  At that point I might as well just build a new license server from scratch negating any advantage of Move.

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Not anything is possible. As far as I know, you can preserve the MAC address for licensing purposes. Everything else is newly created. That is a disadvantage when changing hypervisors.

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Hi JosephW,

Have you tried asking the license server software vendor about this? Explain the situation (hypervisors migrations) and ask for options. I’m sure they have come across a similar scenario with other customers. Based on the options they provide we could work something out. It is possible that they may give an easy or an easy’ish way out altogether.