Move from ESXi to AHV - VM's stuck on consolidate and removing snapshots

  • 13 August 2021
  • 1 reply

While moving our vm’s from our old storage (ESXi) to our new storage (AHV) two of our vm’s are stuck on consolidating the disk and removing snapshots. Because of this the move to AHV keeps failing and we can’t shutdown the guest while it is consolidating. Any ideas on how we can fix this?

1 reply

Hi @RobinSikora 

You can try cancelling the stuck task from Esxi cli and retry the consolidation.

However, if there is high IO load on the disks then the VMs might act weird while consolidating. In this case, you can either cancel and re-run the task or cancel the task and run the consolidation in off-business hours when there is less IO load on the vmdks.