Volume groups on nutanix and VG on linux

  • 11 May 2024
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I am going to install oracle database server .

So i created a volume group. with sperate disk for seperate mount points but inside oracle vm i need to create a LVM partition . So again i have to combine these disks to vg and then create lvm . 


so here in this case i have created 2 vg one on nutanix and one one linux . does it add another overhead and cause performance issues ?

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4 replies

simple answer is No, it will not affect your workload performance.
A volume group(on Nutanix) is really just a collection of virtual disks which are attached to your VM (or physical servers).form your OS point of view, you are just presenting HDD to it.however in the background you are benefiting from all the advantages you can get from a Volume group.


Thanks , just one more question. I would like to mount each mount point to each vdisk. As per oracle recommendation , they recommend multiple disk for data , boot etc . Also suggested to create seperate groups for data and seperate groups for boot. Please suggest me a layout . Can i create a one volume group and add all disk to it then create LVM or each group for each mount point ?

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Hello. I recommed you to check this doc:


You can create one volume group and you can create multiple volume groups as depends on the architecture of your environment and how you like to manage them.
Go through the link provided in the above and  best practices for Oracle on AHV in below link:

it will give you a good idea on what points you need to consider when deploying oracle on top of Nutanix.
also you can always reach out to Nutanix support and get support /recommendation from them as well.