Hyper-V Quorum

  • 23 August 2019
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Hi, I am just wondering if you could answer whether Hyper-V clusters should have a quorum disk for the failover-cluster. I cannot find anything with a definitive answer on this - the documentation does not mention it in any way. If it is required or suggested, what is the best way to implement this?

Many thanks

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2 replies

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Hi @jonnysco . It kind of depends on what server OS you are using. If it's 2012 onwards they introduced dynamic quorum weighting based on the number of nodes left in the cluster. Prior to that it was almost a necessity to have a quorum outside the cluster. That said if your cluster has access to an always on file share the you could use that as the witness. You could also use Azure for this. There is some good information on Microsoft website here :
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Hi @jonnysco

Assuming you are talking about Nutanix cluster using Hyper-V as hypervisor, the recommendation is to use node majority or node majority with file share witness.

You can find that information on the following best practices documents: