how to factory reset a nutanix node after fundation run

  • 24 November 2019
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How can I reset a node to factory configuration after using the fundation process

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I hope you want to factory reset the SOftware part, so part of the foundation process is to install hypervisor, configure it and install cvm. Later comes the part to add the node part of the cluster.


Assuming you have added the host - first thing is to make sure the resiliency is OK and green. If yes, first remove the node from the cluster.


If you have not added the node to the cluster- login to AHV and then do “virsh destroy [vm id of cvm] “ , to get VM id if cvm run virsh to list vms. Once this is done the cvm is removed and just left with hypervisor.

Now to remove the OS from the Satadom or M2, just override the satadom/m2 device with what you want to install, if you want to reinstall AHV use the same partition to overwrite.

hope this helps.

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Hi Billal

You can follow the guidelines to destroy cluster. Note the cluster and
data will be completely removed and would need cluster create in future

We do not have any settings as factory default. Kindly get in touch with
sales team who sold you for initial configuration.

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@Billal Depending on your location the Nutanix nodes could be shipped with no OS or could be pre-loaded with AHV and AOS. 

You can re-image the nodes using Foundation without creating a cluster, and install AHV as the hypervisor. For details on how to do this see the Field Installation Guide