dvPortgroup not visible in AOS

  • 12 September 2019
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I'm trying to create a File Server.
I did this in Prism Element cluster.

I have a problem when I had to select the Client Network PortGroup
All my dvportgroup are not visible.
I can only see the dvportgroup attached to a dvswitch with uplinks assigned.
In my vCenter we have a dvswitch with no uplinks assigned. This dvswitch is used by my network sdn solution which transport the client network.

Do you see a solution ?



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@aurelienstmaxin   Sorry for this long delay in responding to you, 

Based on:

and the following line in that link:

“Configured and defined external (client side) networks”

For the client Vms to be able to reach to this distributed file server (Files) they must have external access.

In my opinion, If you only have a need for some file server that should reside in an internal network with no external access, you can just simply use an Windows file server that resides only on that internal network alongside the Vms that need it, but since this is internal network, ll Vms should be on the same hypervisor as the files server.

if you're still concerned please let me know.