can I Separate cvm mgmt and esxi mgmt

  • 22 July 2016
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Hello Folks,
NX-1065 has only two 10G port, and two 1G port. and I have only one pair of 10G switch, and one pair of 1G switch.
In my opinion, I`d like to make ESXI port(mgmt, vmotion,nfs vmkernel), and CVM port(prism mgmt, cluster mirror ) run on 10G switch, and configure 10g switch uplink to other network which I can connect to ESXI MGMT and prism. make vm data port connect to separate 1g vswitch.

but network guy told me the 10g switch can`t uplink to externel network, so I`d like to know Can I move the ESXI port (mgmt) and CVM mgmt(VIP) to 1G vswtich, and create addtional vmotion,nfs kernel port connected to 10G vswtich, also leave CVM cluster mirror interface connected to 10G vswtich.

networking design is the key things.

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3 replies

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This sounds like a really short term solution and long term pain.

Get 2x 10G switches and make your life easier.
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Hello ,
So just use one pair of 10g switchs (2x 10 switchs refer to 2 switchs toal ? not four ?) and run all the traffic ESXI(mgmt,vmotion,vmkernel port for NFS mount; vm data; nutanix prsim mgmt, cvm cluster) ?
leave nutanix 1g unused ?

If there`s almost no performance difference between two 10g switchs architecture and four 10g switchs architecture, we`ll choose the simple one certainly.

but if there`s strict network rule for some users, for example, they have just two 10 switchs and don`t have uplink connection(just like traditional scale out nas internal clustering network switch which doesn`t require uplink) , so if ESXI mgmt and prism mgmt run on 10g switchs, I`ll can`t connect the ESXI and prism mgmt interface ! .
in addtion, Can configure another dedicated port for prism mgmt other then using same ip for both cvm data and mgmt ?
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Yes, ONE pair of 10G switches (two switches total), run everything over them, and use the 1G ports unused.

Definitely do not need 4x 10G switches, that is overkill.

RE strict network rule:
At least in our part of the world, thats pretty rare, but not unheard of. In that case, absolutely, you can "dual home" the nutanix infrastructure to run the "storage" on 10G and the "management and data" on 1G. Please try to avoid this, as unless its a security rule, there is little benefit.