Do you know Support Cases can be Scheduled on Support Portal?

  • 12 September 2020
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Do you know Support Cases can be Scheduled on Support Portal?

Support Portal users that are working with Nutanix Support can elect to schedule a follow-up for a case. The instructions within the case page are designed to be self-explanatory on how to schedule. However, you may want to understand how a case is handled when scheduled prior to using the feature.

Portal Scheduling Overview

The scheduling feature is only presented under the following conditions:

  • Support contract allows for 24x7 coverage

  • Case priority is low - P3 or lower

Additionally, when scheduling, the following limits apply:

  • Can only schedule for the next business day - not today

  • Cannot schedule on weekends or public holidays

  • Can only schedule up to 1 week out

Your Systems Reliability Engineer (SRE) is able to work with you to assist with scheduling in other circumstances.

Scheduling is available both at case creation and during the life of a case by using the Edit button on the case.

How to Schedule an Existing Case

In the Support Portal, view the case and click the Edit button. Scheduling options will be available on the edit page for cases meeting the criteria mentioned above.

For more detailed information about this please read the documents in-

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