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I am currently packing because we are leaving for vacation but I hope there will be some time to finish Enterprise Cloud Administration (ECA) Online course which is currently free. Later on I would like to pass NCP certification
Planning a VDI implementation on our Nutanix cluster.
getting ready for a 1200 vdi deployment
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Just got done upgrading our dev cluster, and continue to migrate off of vmware.
Working on resolving blacklisted firmware related alerts via LCM. Keeping LCM updated in a darksite is a learning process but very simple after the first round.
Just completed Nutanix POC with my new company and we finalizing migration and new deployment
Currently we are working on upgrading our Nutanix ESXi hosts to 6.7 so we can begin to take advantage of DRS in conjunction with nVIDIA GRID vgfx. We've also just recently upgrade to the latest AOS version in the LTS chain and are thoroughly impressed by the graphical enhancements and information more readily available on demand.
Creating VM Images for Prism Central
I went to .Next last month and recently finished the online training for ECA 5.5. Looking to take my NCP exam next.
Things coming up - Runbooks, Xi Leap, Xi Beam and stabilizing the environment. We have more teams coming onboard with our on premise clusters and excitement going on with teams involved. Looking forward to a great year with Nutanix!
Going to implement a 3 node CE cluster for demo and test...But only got 2x100GB SSD's for each node, and some spinning disks..
extensively performing testing of our nutanix cluster and preparinng myself for NCP.

My next Nutanix cert and implementation of Veeam.

Atualmente, estamos a trabalhar para a atualização do atual VDI Nutanix Cluster para o ESXi 6
NCSE Training and Exam. Lets see if we pass.
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Currently on the Pop! Technical Mastery Certification Tour!
Working on getting started with Beam. Saw a great demo at .NEXT and can wait to start.
Desperately trying to leave VMWare and their ridiculous licensing behind and migrate to AHV!
Replicating a VM between differnet Hypervisor and backing up this VM from a central cluster.
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Upgrading SSD firmware on one of my clusters using LCM.

I’m working on deploying Karbon

Awaiting the GA of 5.11 so I can check out all the new goodies heading our way
Getting ready to upgrade for 5.5.6 to 5.10.