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Our current initiatives are deploying a new cluster to a second location for disaster recovery using the built in replication mechanisms.

The second is deploying a VDI initiative utilizing hypterV and MS RDS, the pilot the project is without Citrix to see if MS is viable on its own.
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We are currently working on Metro Availability between our sites in Baltimore and Lanham, MD. The biggest issue so far has been a secure low latency connection between the 2 sites which are about 30 miles away.
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Hi Angelo,

I'm busy deploying Prism Central 4.6 to control my cluster in Belgium. I used to have it in US, but we unfortunately decomissionned that site :(

I hope to quickly been able to take all advantages of Prism 4.6 new features ;)

Take care.
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I'm working on migrating from vsphere to AHV.
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We just bought our first Nutanix and researching first horizon View deployment. Exciting!
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we are upgrading our 480GB SSDs with 1.2TB SSDs in both our production and DR clusters after a performance review.
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Hi Aluciani,

I am working hard trying install NCE in AMD, but at this time I am not be able to make it run.

Do you Know if there are some documnenttion or if it's possible install NCE over AMD in ESXi nested ?

Thanks a lot of
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Hi there,We are replacing our China's site hardware to a friendlier environment with Nutanix. Our first steps with Hyperconvergence.I'm about to build a sandbox with the NCE.Regards
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I´m working to create a Nutanix enviroment at Lenovo Brasil EBG LAB, and want use community edition. My doubt is about subscription if necessary or not, We can install and use up to 4 nodes at no cost ?
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Justin here.. we have one of the largest Nutanix deployments which consists of dozens of clusters, hundreds of nodes and thousands of VMs. Happy to answer any real-world type questions.

Right now we are busy prepping for 4.1.2 to 4.5 upgrade and testing AHV!