What are you working on?

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One of the awesome things about community, is the sharing and learning that can happen. It's always encouraging to see others want to help solve problems they are not directly involved in, offer new idea's to old problems and look for new ways of doing things.

It also helps me connect people who may have similar interests, and can benefit from sharing their experiences.

I thought this would be a great place to share what you are working on, get introduced to the community and let us know how we can help. Add your comments below, and let's begin the conversation.

We have an EPIC community, let's connect and help each other power the next generation of enterprise computing.

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Finally moving away completely from VMware to embrace AHV.
Next we're rolling out ERA! 💪

Deploying Nutanix files and setting up

i'm working on IT design like Data center or Data Analytic system.

nice to try Nutanix.
on getting NCP certified
I am working on virtualizing my entire environment. I need to calculate if I need to buy more Nutanix hardware as we speak.
working on keeping our 3 nodes cluster up and running with updates and maintenance
Currently working on gaining my NCP Certification
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  1. Getting ideas and preparing for the next Nutanix User Group session in Singapore.
  2. Getting my team members to carry out 1-click upgrade for the hypervisor running on Nutanix. The 1-click upgrade is going to patch the hypervisor as well as the NCC and LCM.
I'm currently preparing for NCP exam. Apart from the online courses any tips on how to learn Nutanix and its features effectively? Thanks!
Upgrading files to
Getting ready to upgrade for 5.5.6 to 5.10.
Awaiting the GA of 5.11 so I can check out all the new goodies heading our way

I’m working on deploying Karbon

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Upgrading SSD firmware on one of my clusters using LCM.
Replicating a VM between differnet Hypervisor and backing up this VM from a central cluster.
Desperately trying to leave VMWare and their ridiculous licensing behind and migrate to AHV!
Working on getting started with Beam. Saw a great demo at .NEXT and can wait to start.
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Currently on the Pop! Technical Mastery Certification Tour!
NCSE Training and Exam. Lets see if we pass.
Atualmente, estamos a trabalhar para a atualização do atual VDI Nutanix Cluster para o ESXi 6

My next Nutanix cert and implementation of Veeam.

extensively performing testing of our nutanix cluster and preparinng myself for NCP.
Going to implement a 3 node CE cluster for demo and test...But only got 2x100GB SSD's for each node, and some spinning disks..
Things coming up - Runbooks, Xi Leap, Xi Beam and stabilizing the environment. We have more teams coming onboard with our on premise clusters and excitement going on with teams involved. Looking forward to a great year with Nutanix!