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I am currently upgrading the cluster to 5.19

Migrating 2 clusters from one office to another

We are now working on Nutanix Calm to automate our VM deployments and also Nutanix files to move away from NetApp


working with CALM and 1-click-Robo

Hi all, here studying for NCA and NCP-MCI exams and building a lab with the community edition to get some real world experience and assist with some labs/scenarios I want to test.

Having worked with all the major hypervisors both 3-tier and HCI in various capacities over the past 10 or so years I have not seen such an amazing solution.  I am embarrassed it took this long to figure it out :P.  

To those already running in the enterprise I look forward to reading your stores here in the forums.  


we are preparing the DR site by the Data Protection

Done migrating from ESXi to AHV, now completing PD replication to second cluster

We are expanding our Nutanix clusters in our Hub sites. Its so simple and easy

Prep for NCA Exam

Working on migration of Nutanix clusters from one datacenter to another datacenter

Busy studying for my NCM exam. Time to level up from NPP, NCP, NCP-MCI.

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Welcome to the community and we are lucky to have you here @Bolaji@JcSoulat@Sergei_V@karimhamdyamin 

Lets make 2021 the best year to date!

My company installed Nutanix for corporate apps & backup. I am not directly involved in the administration but another team at the HQ. I am passionately interested in learning how it works so i went on to research more through YT, Nutanix university content and other contents in found out...sat for NCA and NCP-MCI and passed. Preparing to take the NCM-MCI in June @aluciani 

Hi there !

@aluciani New to Nutanix :heart_eyes:

Working on NCP Certification

New to Nutanix. Working on implementation process of a new cluster, researching for backup solution.

Hello all ,

Thanks to @aluciani for adding me here in the nutanix community 🙂 , i hope i can be an added value to this portal …. all my experience in the HCI field was on Dell EMC VxRail so if anyone has any questions regarding it i will be happy to help  

New to Nutanix. Where can i find clear explaination for how to use PRISM console?

I am seeing many issues with Nutanix Hypervisor and seems they would be resolved in new releases but now we have to abide.


I’m a newbie of Nutanix product, and I’m currently working on Metro Availability and Async DR.

Working on evaluate ERA

We are working to upgrade Nutanix box to latest Security patch upgrade using one click upgrade. It is awesome.

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Migrate from ESXi (HPE DL380) to Nutanix hardware without problem.

200% performance improved

Preparing for the NCA exam.

I am working implanted nutanix cluster 

preparing for NCM-MCI