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  1. Getting ideas and preparing for the next Nutanix User Group session in Singapore.
  2. Getting my team members to carry out 1-click upgrade for the hypervisor running on Nutanix. The 1-click upgrade is going to patch the hypervisor as well as the NCC and LCM.


We are working on building our DR datacenter.. we will use Nutanix DR technologies by replicating the setup in the maindata center.

@aluciani Thanks for the invitation here!

Hello everyone!

My name is David, new user of Nutanix since February, 2020. I’m just an enthusiast who had accepted the challenge of managing a small Nutanix 3 Node Cluster for a test/dev environment here at the company.

I come from the world of Networking (since my role is Network Architect) and had some experience on VMWare, however, never been so deep understanding compute, virtualization and storage as a whole until now.

Just eager to keep testing this Nutanix box and learning from you all here at the community!


I am working on becoming a Nutanix Platform Professional. I have started with NCA and now the next step is NCP.

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Hey, I am working on an on prem Cloud for internal dev needs and we run some xc630-10 appliances :)

Training a new Nutanix admin!

I'm currently preparing for NCP exam. Apart from the online courses any tips on how to learn Nutanix and its features effectively? Thanks!
Update AHV
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Migrating our Hyper-V guest Vm’s to Nutanix. 

Hi this is Talal, and I am a fan of Nutanix, and I am here to get certified and learn from others experiences with this great technology.

Now I am working on build a test environment using CE.

I am preparing for NCSX.

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Hi Sir,

I am Allen. Glad to join this community


Benjamin Crill here.  Been involved with Nutanix now for a few years, previously on the partner side.  Not officially a customer (yet!) but use CE for my home lab.  Love what Nutanix brings and learning more about it.

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I am consolidating a 4 clusters into a single 41 node cluster. The workload on these clusters are Linux VMs providing Dev/Test and Production environments. A large number of these are Oracle RAC. I may write something up about the project more in detail and the learnings.

The justification is that scheduling and conducting upgrades on 5 clusters multiple times over the year is costly. We also will gain capacity due to less resources committed for redundancy .

One of the surprises was that its recommended using RF3 if for clusters greater than 24 nodes. This fact has me considering keeping some key production workloads on a separate cluster but as time passes we probably end up with a cluster with more than 24 nodes anyway.

Tonight is a big night, we are consolidating 2 production clusters which will free up 2 blocks and 8 nodes... finally enough headroom that we can start rolling through clusters. There are some big challenges coming up as we have multiple storage nodes in 2 clusters so the capacity required to swing the remaining workloads of those clusters will be a little interesting... no there now.

Sorry for the long post, but thought I'd share. If anyone has experience or wants to hear about this journey let me know and maybe there will be a more fitting forum for an on-going discussion on the topic of migrations.

Just completed migrated around 100 vms from vsphere to ahv with the help of nutanix move

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Automating snapmonitoring of the VMs

I working on private cloud in my company.

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Researching an upgrade of ESXi from 5.5 to 6 via Prism.

Replacing our existing nutanix environment with a new properly scaled Nutanix HCI.  Contemplating moving to purely AHV from VMWare.

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Currently piloting our new VDI infrastructure... We've had the NTNX clusters for over a year, but constant struggles with UniDesk & Windows 10 compatibility has slowed things down...

We've now dropped UniDesk from this project & instead using Full Clone VM's, on a NTNX Metro Cluster for Active/Active support across our 2 primary sites. Today is day 1 of the staff pilot & looking good so far, though we only have a limited number of users.

about to upgrade to the latest versions of everything this weekend.. cross your fingers for me!

Upgrading files to
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Currently working for GDM witch is a local MSP here in Sundsvall Sweden, long history of Hyper-V and VMware, set up our first Nutanix Block, a 3460 G7 14th October, currently migrating customers in to the new plattform.


hopfully there will be more X-boxes filling the datacenter soon :D

Getting ready to upgrade for 5.5.6 to 5.10.
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Upgrading customer nutanix to 5.5 yay new releases!