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Our team is working on a plan to replace almost our entire data center presense with Nutanix technology with a stretch goal to move to 100% AHV. We are also very interested to put a smaller size cluster in some of our remote, but critical manufacturing facilities all around the world !
Shifting from VMware to Nutanix
installed 5.10....
Just getting started with Nutanix.
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Installed Nutanix CE on my home lab. Used it to help complete the ECA 5.5 course from nu.school. Trying to get Prism Central working, (next attempt this weekend...), exploring Xtract on CE. Many other plans for CE to see what it can do. More to come... 😉



Hi there, working on upgrade Nutanix software and firmware.

Currently working on upgrading AHV to latest release. Has to be done after hours 😞
We are thinking of using replication between remote sites to a main hub site. We would be switching from ESX to AHV and replicating to a single cluster that would have enough processing to be able to power on at least one of the remote sites.
I am happy to join this community, and now let,s share and learn experience.
Thank you☺