What are you working on?

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Good luck, ! We completed our upgrade last week and it went smooth - no issues. Here's hoping you guys are as lucky.

Trying to get Nutanix CE for my 4-node home lab (having some experience with Nutanix already :) )

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Hi All

Having just completed a POC and moving away from traditional stacks of compute and storage, it would be wrong not to try the market leaders offerings:)

Awaiting delivery of purchased kit and onto a new chapter with hyperconverged.:)


Playing with the Nutanix CE at home. About 60% into migrating VMs from the 3 tier infrastructure to Nutanix NX1175s. Getting quotes to buy one more node. 

Upgrading AOS from 5.19.2 to 5.20

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just joined Xtribe 🙂

I’m working now with Nutanix Karbon to start a Kubernetes Cluster

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Just joined Xtribe, working on expanding my Nutanix skillset.

Working on installation of Prism CE and trying to install Prism central on top of it.

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I'm working on migrating our existing workload from VMware to AHV. The migration process is actually pretty painless, and with the exception of a couple of 'missing features', I think it's going to work out great!
Currently working on gaining my NCP Certification

New to Nutanix and look forward to NEXT Community for help!

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I'm working on transfering disk images from one cluster to another so that our ansible plays run on the same template.

Updated dev and prod clusters to PC 5.17 and PE 5.15.1

Learning Nutanix

NCA cert !

Working on VM migration

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Working on expanding my cluster!
Studying AOS!

Building up three new clusters for a migration project of one of our customers :) greatest challange at the moment to gain the ordered mellanix switches *laughing*

We are evaluating ERA.

Upgrading all the guest tools on VMs on AHV

Hello all, in Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia. We are working on migration to the new server which using Nutanix.

Preparing Case Study for my 3rd Nutanix Cluster for a DR Site and use Data Protection for Cluster replication.

I currently work on differents clients maintaining updated there Nutanix appliances and OS, firware,etc.