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Working on installation of Prism CE and trying to install Prism central on top of it.

Hi Everyone,

I am  a VMware engineer currently and joined to learn more skills in Nutanix User Group

Thank you.


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I just built 2 new Nutanix clusters yesterday 

Deploying a homelab!

I am working on completing BIOS updates for all of our Nutanix servers.

I am working on learning all of out Nutanix infrastructure and how to maintain it since I am very new to Nutanix.

Working on trying to resolve bugs with high CVM memory utilization

Hello, I’m working on virtualization, Data Protection, Async DR, and Migrate from ESXI to AHV

Deploying the Nutanix 4 node. For the School enrollment system.


I’m working on Nutanix University to have my NCAP.


New to Nutanix and we are in the process of migrating old data center to Nutanix. 

working on Nutanix upgrade and new Nodes addition.

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Starting to use Karbon

Hi Everyone,

I am Jalil from France and i am here to share and with all of you.

I work for Komposite and we deploy Nutanix Solution being Nutanix Partners.

Have a nice day :)


Hi all my name is Lindrowsqy and I am looking forward to collaborating with the members of this platform as I embark on testing your community platform..

Automate our monthly VM updates install and reboot (maintenance).

just getting community edition

As i've just entered the world of it.. With my registration for Xtribe, i'm currently trying to learn as much as i can about nutanix

I’m working on upgrading 15 cluster from 5.5.x to 5.10.x

Name: Michael Rideout

Currently, I don’t have any open projects related to Nutanix. There’s a calendar full of training appointments so I’m sure ill be neck-deep soon enough. I’m in the Jacksonville Florida area and enjoy growing my network. Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn


Placing a node in maintenance and shuting down the host for a DIMM replacement.

Working to extend our cluster to be 5 nodes instead of 3 nodes & install VMware on them

Hello, I'm implementing Nutanix at client-site.

I am working on nutanix for Kubernetes implementation

I'm working on migrating from vsphere to AHV.