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  • 10 January 2021
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Is there anyway I could get all the task or activity of a particular VM? 


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Hey @swee han , so there are lots of ways to do so i.e using Prism Tasks menu, checking logs on CVM and checking VM specific logs on the host.


1)PRISM GUI: You can get the event details like reboots, VM updates etc on Prism GUI: Here is a guide to that:


2)Logs on CVM: you can get inside directory ~/data/logs on one of the CVM on the cluster & check log file acropolis.out for all the VMs specific info. Just use grep to find and enter the VM name to search for its related messages inside the log file.​​​​


3)Logs on the Host where the VM is running: You can search for messages related to VMs activities inside “/var/log/libvirt/qemu/<VM_name>.log” logfile.


4)ECLI: Ergon CLI is another tool to get all the tasks details on a Nutanix cluster. Ergon is a task manager service running on a CVM. So on the CVM you can use commands:

  1. cvm$ecli task.list - to get the list of all tasks
  2. cvm$ ecli task.get <task_uuid> - to get detailed overview of the task.

For example, in the above on an AHV host you see one is the CVM log file and other one is the log file of the VM with the given UUID “cf34f7b8-d186-4ecb-83d3-b9dcb38f3435” .


Now this is also Hypervisor specific, if you are running ESXi hypervisor the VM specific log locations on the host would differ. 


I hope the above helps.:smiley:

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Hey @swee han , Just wanted to know if the above resources helped you achieve your goal? Let me know if I can help in any other way.:grinning:

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 Yes. Still need some time to get used on operation of nutanix