Satadom wearout check

  • 20 May 2022
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I have an old cluster of 4 NX-8035 nodes running AHV used for testing purposes.  The LCM update is failing with sata_dom_wearout_check.  Is there anyway to skip that check when running LCM updates?  This is old hardware and I wont be replacing any parts, just want to get updates to run.

1 reply



This is a temporary solution.
The methods below can crash your cluster.

Please only use it on testbeds.


1. Backup “/home/nutanix/ncc/plugin_config/plugin_schema/health_checks/disk_checks.json”

cd ~/ncc//plugin_config/plugin_schema/health_checks

cp disk_checks.json disk_checks.json.orig


2. vi disk_checks.json and Delete “plugin_schema_list” includes “name: sata_dom_wearout_check”


from “plugin_schema_list {“

plugin_schema_list {
  name: "sata_dom_wearout_check"
  executable_name: "health_checks hardware_checks disk_checks sata_dom_wearout_check"
  check_schema_list {

    check_metadata {
      ncc_version: "Unknown"
      source_jira_ticket: "TBD"
      fix_jira_ticket: "NA"
      component: kPlatformSolutions
      hw_specific: False
      hypervisor_specific: False
      comment_list: "NA"
}  # til “}”

3. copy disk_checks.json to other cvm

scp disk_checks.json <CVMIP2>:~/ncc/plugin_config/plugin_schema/health_checks

scp disk_checks json <CVMIP3>:~/ncc/plugin_config/plugin_schema/health_checks


4. LCM Upgrade job


5. After upgrade, rollback to backup file.

cp disk_checks.json.orig disk_checks.json

scp disk_checks.json <CVMIP2>:~/ncc/plugin_config/plugin_schema/health_checks

scp disk_checks json <CVMIP3>:~/ncc/plugin_config/plugin_schema/health_checks