Nutanix AHV pass

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Hello, after new install single-node cluster, i dont change pass for root user.
# passwd root
bash: passwd: command not found

what am I doing wrong?

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Looks like you are trying in CVM.

Can you confirm?
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Perhaps you are connected to CVM

ID CVM and Host is different
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No, I connect through the SSH directly to the AHV host and there is this error.
On AHV default pass root nutanix/4u and dont change it.

On the computer, the password was changed successfully.
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Can i change pass for AHV - host?
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Of course you can change your AHV host password

Log into the host by SSH and change it with command

passwd root
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the same problem on nutanix "Version 2018.05.01 - Community License"

Connected to a recent installed AHV server (not the CVM)

[root@NTNX-04402ebc-A ~]# passwd
-bash: passwd: command not found

[root@NTNX-04402ebc-A ~]# whereis passwd
passwd: /etc/passwd

On the CVM exists the passwd command and work.


nutanix@NTNX-04402ebc-A-CVM:192.168.XXX.XXX:$ whereis passwd
passwd: /usr/bin/passwd /etc/passwd /usr/local/nutanix/bin/passwd.exp /usr/share/man/man5/passwd.5.gz

Any razon to don't have the password command on the AHV ??

thanks and attentive
I am having exactly the same problem. I can easily change the nutanix user password on my CVM using the passwd command, but when I SSH into AHV the passwd (or passwd root)command returns the error bash: passwd: command not found. This is on a freshly installed Nutanix CE single node cluster AHV Version Nutanix 20180425.199.