High Availability on SCVMM

  • 31 March 2016
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Hi Team,
I would like to know if i turn off the HA on my SCVMM Virtual Machines and when the host down , will all the virtual machines in the host HA to the next available host?

NDFS : 4 node cluster.
NOS : 4.5
Hypervisor : Hyper-v

The question arise because i am unable to turn on HA on the microsoft level in SCVMM due to host need to be patch to latest update. I am enquiries here that does Nutanix cluster itself provide HA to hyper-v ndfs cluster?

4 replies

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Anyone know?
Kindly assist please
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I dont think there are a lot of SCVMM guru's on the public forums.

Please submit a support ticket and we'll get the right people on this.

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We do not provide VM-level HA from a ADFS standpoint. We rely on the hypervisor for VM HA (the storage itself is HA and available, but AOS will not automatically power on your Hyper-Vs on another host).

In SCVMM you can only enable/disable HA at 2 points in time:

1) When creating the VM (under hardware there's a setting)
2) When live migrating the machine to another host (there's a checkbox on the host selection screen)

At this point SCVMM will configure a MSCS role for the VM and the failover cluster will handle HA. You can create this HA role from Failover Cluster manager, but that can confuse SCVMM (since it's just an overlay changes outside of SCVMM don't always register properly)