CPU scale up

  • 27 January 2022
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We want to upgrade the CPU in one node only in 3node cluster. Please guide us, how can we achieve this. Please send step by step instructions.

4 replies

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Would you clarify which is the scenario “upgrade Physical Processor in existing Node or adding a Node with higher CPU” ?

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Hi @Mohaseen 

I’ve taken a quick look for example to Node Replacement guide for 1065-G7. You can check it on this link: Checking That a Node Has Failed

Nutanix does not support replacing failed CPUs and not 100% sure, but, “upgrading” CPU I think it’s also not supported and you’ll need to expand your cluster with a new node to add more resources.

If I were you I would contact Nutanix Support to clarify this.

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I’ve just done this on my home CE cluster - just evacuate the node, shut down in the normal manner, swap out the CPU and bring it all back up again. Any VMs will need shutdown/restart on the new CPU to ‘see’ it though.

Looks like EVC equivalent on AHV is done automatically Living Migration Between Old and New Processors | Nutanix Community - but I didn’t need to worry as I was swapping out the same generation, just adding cores/GHz.

But anyway, if this is a production cluster under support/maintenance I don’t think you should mess around with CPU upgrades yourself as @bcaballero says!

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Just resurrecting this thread based on recent experience with one of our customers:  Nutanix categorically do not support CPU upgrades on clusters that are under maintenance.  This has been confirmed by the head of support.