Living Migration Between Old and New Processors

  • 28 March 2021
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Hi folks, In VMware, we need to enable EVC to be able to do vMotion between diff processors, what about AHV? what should be done or is it working smoothly?


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Hi @Mo. Farid 

Indeed it works smoothly. Here’s an extract of the docs

AHV CPU Generation Compatibility: Similar to VMware’s Enhanced vMotion Capability (EVC) which allows VMs to move between different processor generations, AHV will determine the lowest processor generation in the cluster and constrain all QEMU domains to that level. This allows mixing of processor generations within an AHV cluster and ensures the ability to live migrate between hosts.

We’ve added an old block (NX G4) to a cluster made of G5 blocks the only thing to bear in mind is once you completed the cluster expansión you have to shutdown every single vm inside the cluster (Reboot doesn’t work), you will receive alerts in Prism as well if you try to “live migrate” vms to that nodes