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  • 27 February 2020
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Earlier we have discussed the Interoperability between the different software, we also discussed the compatibility between the different software solutions and Hardware-Software integration.


What about upgrading a specific software, what is the latest version you can upgrade to?

In some cases if your software is too old, you can't directly upgrade it to the latest version since each version has some prerequisites.

That's why we have the upgrade paths page. which works for AOS, Prism Central and Nutanix Files upgrades.

You simply choose the component with your current version and you'll see the supported versions in green under the "Target Release Version" drop-down.

For more information: 


  • The general order of upgrades should be Prism Central, then AOS, then Files, Hypervisor, and other components.
  • Since Prism Central is only ever backwards compatible this should be the first upgrade before AOS and other components if PC upgrade is needed. AOS generally should be upgraded first before Files, but the target AOS version needs to support the current Files version.

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