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  • 29 January 2021
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As i know that if drive failure, Nutanix will rebuilt the data immediately. May i know if node failure, how long does the Nutanix will trigger to rebuilt if have sufficient node and capacity in existing cluster? Thanks


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Hey, @KC93  so the rebuilding process starts as soon as the node goes down but time to rebuild depends upon the amount of data that was present on the failed node and other factors too. Prism will continue to show the resiliency status as critical unless entire data is rebuilt.

So the rebuild is a fully distributed operation across all nodes and drives, it’s both very fast and the workload per node is minimised to avoid bottlenecks and to reduce the impact to running workload.

Although, the speed of rebuild operation will depend on lots of factors:

1) Size of the cluster. 

2) number/type of drives (e.g.: NVMe, SATA-SSD, DAS-SATA) 

3)Network speed and connectivity. etc


Here is a very useful blog post which explains the above in detail: for RF2 clusters. ad for RF3 clusters.


These will definitely help and give you a good insight. :smile:


Hi AnishWalia20 ,


You are very help and thanks for your information.


So the node rebuilding process will start immediately and it is same as drive failure, right? As i show some document and say that is should wait for 60 second before starting the rebuild process. I am a bit confuse. Thanks

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Hey @KC93, thanks again for your kind words.

Glad that I could be of some help.


It will start immediately. No that’s not true about the 60 seconds things, that’s just some of the background curator service task running, but it will start immediately.


Can you share the document too?




Hi AnishWalia20 ,


Thanks for your information. So clear.


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Hey @KC93 Glad I cleared your doubts.


Let me know If I can help in any other way. :smile: