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  • 6 April 2020
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NTP or Network Time Protocol is an integral component for any infrastructure as it allows for accurate timestamps of events across the environment. Whether it is relied on for monitoring, troubleshooting or services and applications operations – NTP source is one of the key components of modern IT helps different systems to be in sync with each other.


Controller Virtual Machines (CVMs) are the backbone of Nutanix Hyper-converged Infrastructure. It is important for all the CVMs in the cluster to be in sync with each other. The CVMs use NTP to sync time between themselves within the cluster by after electing one of the CVMs as an NTP leader, even when an external NTP server is not configured, not available or not being used by design. 


Is there a check which validates time sync between the CVMs? 

The NCC health check cvm_time_drift_check verifies the time differences between CVMs (Controller VMs). 


Why is it important for the CVMs to be in time- sync with each other? 

If the CVMs are not in time-sync with each other, this can prevent cluster services from starting thereby hampering the production. 


For more information about the check, please go through the following KB 

KB-1512 NCC Health Check: cvm_time_drift_check.


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