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Hello Nutanix community. I have problem with upgrading my AHV version. I attached error screenshot. How can i solve this problem without any power off, reboot or other actions? Because it production environment. Thanks


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I think Nutanix must to help with this issue.

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Here is the KB 6409 hopefully you find something useful here: Pre-Upgrade Check: test_cluster_config

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Hi there @Tural 

Did you expand your cluster with nodes containing “older” CPU than the original ones? For Example if your cluster were using G6 Nodes, Did you add some G5 nodes? or different Gen Xeon Processors?

If the answer is yes, you need to power cycle (not reboot) every single VM running in the cluster to “adopt” to lower CPU features, if you don’t do this that UVM’s will not be able to migrate from a G6 node to a G5 or from “newer” Xeon node to “older”. This is called EVC in VMWare environments.

Here’s a topic with a similar issue

I’m afraid that the KB that @Primzy suggested you it’s the only way to go. Anyway, you can still open a case for clarification.

Hope this helps