Convert Windows Development Image to Acropolis

  • 8 February 2017
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Anybody figured out how to convert or modify a Windows Developer image (these ones: to run on Acropolis? Looking to allow these builds to simplify some Developer testing being as they're updated about monthly by Microsoft and include the tools necessary to work within them. The flavors are Hyper-V, VMware, Parallels and VirtualBox. I quickly attempted uploaded the vmdk from the VMware version, but of course get bitten by the virtIO driver necessity with Windows. Trying to review options to copy the drivers into the disk or something, just starting to research. Point being, building from scratch isn't what I'm interested in, I want to be able to simply pull down this image (OVA, OVF, VHD, VMDK) and convert it to KVM/Acropolis...if possible.

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Thanks BG_selfcloud for the question

Jon - you able to provide some insight
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I'm thinking about trying to leverage offline VHD management to install the VirtIO drivers, so download the Hyper-V Developers Image, and follow this process:

Not something I've tried previously, but I'd assume it can get the job done! I got a response back from Microsoft Windows Dev twitter stating to make a request through their UserVoice channel to have a prepackaged KVM image. I'll post back if I get a chance to try this out. Idea here being not having to spin up the OVA/OVF on another platform prior to uploading to Prism Image Management.
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The process of mounting the vhd/vhdx files from these Hyper-V images did the trick. Using DISM to insert the VirtIO drivers, then uploading to the Acropolis image services I was able to make quick use of these builds!
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fabulous, that's freaking cool man, good job BG_selfcloud