Adding automatically static Horizon desktop to protection domain

  • 3 October 2016
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i've realized a project with two nutanix cluster and Horizon VDI with static desktop.Desktop are replicated with protection domain between two sites.
Someone know if in Nutanix there is a method to add automatically desktops to a protection domain?
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6 replies

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I know what you're talking about (basically a "policy" based approach to replicating desktops as they come online), and we don't have that today; however, If you're up for a small bit of scripting, this is doable.

I've seen a post over in the Scripts section of the community that does something very similar, don't recall what it was titled offhand, but a slight bit of digging should reveal some goodness.
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Also, adding  while we're at it, as he's the PM for the DR feature here at Nutanix.
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Thank you for your answer.
I will look at scripting section.
Will be very usefull a function in PD Async Replica to use a dynamic name adding with wildcard as for backup products.
Best regards
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In the script section i can't find the script you refer to.
Can you send me this script?
Thank you
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I Maybe something like this could help,

you could just replicate the user disks.... the restore could be ugly but something worth looking into
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Thank you this script it is very usefull