Sizer: "Powered On" & "Performance" Options Combined Does not Work

  • 1 February 2022
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I am trying to import Nutanix Collector (latest available version) excel to sizer. The excel contains a large number of “PoweredOff” virtual machines. I want to make the sizing based on performance figures only for “PoweredOn” virtual machines. 

If I choose “CPU: performance” I get a warning message:

“Data being imported contains one or more VMs that were powered ON during the collection period and reported CPU utilization. We recommend you to size both Powered ON & Powered OFF VMs.” 

The warning it self doesn’t make much sense. Maybe it should read

“Data being imported contains one or more VMs that were powered OFF during the collection period and did not report CPU utilization. We recommend you to size both Powered ON & Powered OFF VMs.” 

Additionally “Upload” button is grayed out and I cannot proceed with the sizing. IMHO the “Upload” button should not be disabled.


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6 replies

Workaround seems to be to use “Both powered ON and OFF”. This way “Upload” button is not disabled and sizer proceeds with the sizing.

However in the Collector summary excel you can see that only “PoweredOn” virtual machines were considered for the sizing. 

While I got what I wanted and managed to get Powered ON & Performance combination to work, the sizer seems to have some issues, since it is now dropping “Poweredoff” machines, despite the “Both powered ON and OFF” option used.

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Hello @Sami Turunen 

Thank you for reaching out for help. The error message is correct - powered off VMs can report CPU utilization. How and Why? - The VMs are turned off while Collector gathers the data but these VMs may have been running in the past 7 days for which Collector gathers performance data. This is quite common in VDI use cases. For more details please go through this help page which explains the scenario in detail - Exporting Collector Data to Sizer

Now, how do you get past this error? You have a couple of options

  1. Do you want to Size for the powered OFF VMs which reported CPU utilization?

If the answer is yes, please use “Bulk Change” functionality in Collector Portal and turn the VMs that have reported CPU utilization and then try exporting to Sizer. 

  1. Do you want to ignore the powered OFF VMs for sizing?

If you wish to ignore the powered OFF VMs which report CPU utilization values, you need to clear the CPU values gathered by Collector for those respective VMs. Unfortunately, you can’t clear the CPU utilization in Collector Portal as of today but we do have a workaround and the same is captured in Collector FAQ Page. Below are the steps for your reference:

  • Export the Collector data to XLSX format
  • Open the XLSX file
  • In the “vCPU” sheet, clear the values of the mentioned columns for the VMs that you desire to turn off – ‘Peak %’, ‘Average %’, ‘Median %’, ‘Custom Percentile %’ and ’95th Percentile % (recommended)’ and save the file
  • Go to Sizer and “Import Collector data” using the saved XLSX file

Caution before you proceed with option 2: You should clear the values only when you are sure about what you are going to ignore and is recommended to talk to the customer or partner before doing so. 

Please let us know if you need any further assistance. 

Hi @Arun Vijapur 

Thanks for your reply. 

It seems that there is a third way to solve my problem, please see my previous workaround.

Clearly there is something wrong: if I ask to size “Both powered ON and OFF”, the sizer drops “PoweredOff” machines from sizing. It should do as the option is written and size both “PoweredON” and “PoweredOff” machines.

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If you requested to Size both “powered ON” & “powered OFF” VMs, it should not ignore the “powered OFF” VMs. Do you mind sharing the XLSX file or the Collector zip file with us so that we can check why the “powered OFF” VMs are being skipped? You can share the file with Sizer Help <> to assist you further. 

Email sent with collector output and summary files

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Responded to your email after analyzing the data. The problem was that one of the VM was reported as Powered OFF but Sizer saw CPU being used and hence there was an error message. As said earlier, we could take two paths:

  1. To consider the CPU usage of that VM - Change the power state of the VM reporting CPU usage from poweredOn to poweredOff in vInfo sheet OR
  2. To ignore the CPU usage of that VM - Clear the CPU utilization value of that VM under the vCPU sheet

We went ahead with option 1 and were able to import the data in Sizer with “Powered ON only” and “95th Percentile performance” data. 

Let us know if you need any further clarification.