ntnxcollector_precheck.ps1 is not working with german active directory

  • 19 February 2021
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I tried to use the precheck script on one of our Hyper-V servers.

Everything works fine, but I get the error message ".... not a Domain Admin." even though my user is a domain admin. I think this might be related to the fact that the Domain Admins group is called "Domänen-Admins".

Has anyone seen something like this before?

5 replies

Thats the output i´m getting inside the collector:



Remote Powershell from the mgmt-server to the Hyper-V-Host is working fine.



2021-02-19 14:56:21,528  INFO:  No old dump exists
2021-02-19 14:56:42,531  ERROR:  HYPERV_PRECHECK_ERROR

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there can be mulitple reasons for this occuring.  @Arun Vijapur can you reach out

This is a known issue and will be fixed in the upcoming release. 

As a workaround: Create a "Domain Admins" (English) group in the OU wherever your localized Domain Administrator group is. Then add the user you plan to use into the newly created "Domain Admins" group.

Update your group memberships on the Hyper-V Hosts and then collector should work fine.

By the way, it is recommended to use Hyper-V (Local) mode of connection unless your cluster host operating system is Windows Core addition. 

Hi Arun,


thanks for your answer.

What do you mean with “Update group memberships on the Hyper-V Hosts”?

Do i need to add the created “Domain Admins” group to the Hyper-V admins?


Best regars


Hello Erik,

The group memberships or changes to Active Directory are not immediately refreshed on the Windows host. For the host to pick up the newly added “Domain Admins” group, you got to manually refresh the group memberships if you want to use Collector immediately. 

Simple user (the username which is used to connect via Collector) logoff & login should refresh the group memberships. Here is a thread that talks about ways to refresh without user logoff or restart of the system:


Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks & Regards,

Arun Vijapur