Data Collector not showing CPU and Memory Data

  • 5 November 2020
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I have a customer who’s using the tool, but once she connects the tool the values of CPU and memory displays 0% of utilization



Can you help me to address this issue?

3 replies

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Hi @MoisesRoldan 

Nutanix Collector is a desktop application that collects cluster statistics from your VMware or Prism cluster. This output can then be viewed in Nutanix collector or can be downloaded as an Excel file. You can then upload these Excel files into Nutanix Sizer to size and predict future workloads or just to collect statistics on current usage.

I hope you are using the latest version of the Nutanix Collector 3.1, if not please try with 3.1

Also, may I know is it for Mac, Windows or Linux machine?

I hope you have crossed verified in prism for the stats of the CPU and Memory are visible in prism.



After review the tool with customer we identified the error, and it was caused because the user was using an account different from admin, but with admint rights.

This tool must be used with the Admin account of PC/PE.

No other account with this privileges. 

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Thank you for sharing the final resolution.