Problem with SvMotion on vSphere 5.5u2

  • 22 May 2015
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On a new install (nx6020) ; during a Storage vMotion, the ESXi CPU increases up to +80% of the total physical CPU ...The Storage vMotion is very long ...
A vMotion is ok, no problem, very fast.
Any idea ?

Info :
- Cluster version v4.1.2.1
- RAM CVMs : 32GB

I think that there is not enough RAM on CVMs ?... 32GB its a best practices.

thks guys !

5 replies

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Thanks for asking YCASTILLO

Can you add any insights here dlink7 DonnieBrasco cbadami

Thanks 🙂
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Can you please run following command and check if VAAI plugin is enabled on the ESXi Hosts

esxcli software vib list | grep vaai

Time taken by Storage vMotion will also depend upon the size of the VM. Also are you performing storage vMotion from some third-party presented datastore to nutanix NFS datastore ?

As far as 32GB RAM is concerned, it is enough for the CVM.

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the command result : "nfs-vaai-plugin 1.4-10e909fa Nutanix CommunitySupported 2015-05-13"
The VAAI are OK on ESxi.

The Storage vMotion is between two Nutanix NFS datastore on the same cluster.
The VM is not a big monster ! :o)

Thks !

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For information, i tested a clone with a VM, the problem is the same.... So its not the ESXi kernel vMotion.
I noticed that during a Storage vMotion or a clone, the physical CPU utilization was increased by + 50% on the ESXi hosts providing the VM, but also on other Nutanix cluster of ESXi, the CPU increased by + 20% ...

This information can be help ...

Thks !Sig'
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I think you have opened a support case with Nutanix support. If yes, can you please let us know what will be the best time to reach out to you for this issue.