MSCS (Microsoft Server Cluster)

  • 29 November 2018
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Does AHV supports MSCS ? I am aware about two node windows cluster with witness VM mentioned in below :

But just want to confirm if it supports MSCS with shared storage including quorum?

6 replies

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Yes, it’s supported and I’ve built some here at my current employer. I built separate Volume Groups in Nutanix for each of the drives for the cluster following best practices; Backups, Data, Logs, Quorum, TempDB are all separate Volume Groups presented to the node VMs. 

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@arjun_sen this is most welcome news!  Appreciate the article shared and very happy to see failover clustering supported!

Hello there,


Failover clustering is supported on AHV by enabling MPIO on Guest OS Windows Server level.Leveraging MPIO enables the Guest to completely takeover the control for ability to determine which failover peer should write on the shared vDisk. Following documentation lists out the steps to leverage Volume Group from Nutanix Cluster to be presented to the VMs for configuring In-Guest clustering.


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Fail over clustering is not supported on NFS storage platforms. You would need to present external iSCSI storage to the cluster for failover clustering. If you're looking at an always on cluster for like SQL, and it's essentially just a continuous copy, then yes it's supported. It's not a hypervisor issue it's an NFS incompatibility from Microsoft. Nutanix has "supported" methods, but you need to work with support.
Hi Rekha,,

You can use volume group which is Nutanix Volumes (ABS) for this use case, Nutanix volumes uses scsi-3 persistence for MSCS, You can use data services ip as iscsi target without using iscsi mpio.
Refer :

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i think using iSCSI Volume Group you can have a shared storage over network for Quorum and other data for your VM's
i am currently using it in ESXi, but i think it should be the same concept in AHV.