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  • 16 June 2021
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Hi all,

I have a requirement to automate patching of Operating systems (Windows and Linux) For example - the process would be, Take a snapshot of the server, deploy the updates, test the server services are functioning as expected, if not restore the snapshot.

Customer is using ManageEngine Desktop Central which is being used to deploy software and patch client computers.
Is it possible to integrate Calm with ManageEngine Desktop Central to achive above automation ?

If not what would be alternate way and its overall workflow ? I am looking for direction and some supportive.


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Hi Jitendra,

If ManageEngine has an API or a CLI that can be consumed, then Calm Runbooks can help with this task. 

For APIs, you can use EScript tasks. If there is a CLI, you can use Endpoints to connect to the machine running ManageEngine and run local commands.


Thanks for the response and direction Jose.

What are my other options to patch client machines besides ManageEngine?

Can I use any open source tools or scripting logic ?

Also, can you help with any specific link or documentation to refer for this? I am trying to understand complete workflow and process to achive this.

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There are customers using SCCM, Satellite and others integrated with Calm for patching.

Depending on what level of patching you are looking for, maybe it can be done with scripting logic, the only challenge with this is maintainability and potential complexity. 

Here an example of how could look like a Calm Runbook for upgrading CentOS ans Ubuntu