36 Hours After Deleting the Snapshot, but the Capacity Remains the Same

  • 21 August 2022
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Hello, masters of Nutanix

Could you help a beginner in trouble? 

I took an internal snapshot to prepare for a problem moving nodes from an existing cluster to another cluster 

The previous one was done well, and the snapshot was about 1.8gb, but I found that even though I deleted the snapshot, I still had about 1tb of capacity left

I got a response that the curation will work and the capacity will be back in 36 hours

But the capacity remains the same
Which part should I check? I'd appreciate it if you could give me a command or a solution

The customer is dissatisfied with the capacity of 1tb and wants to resolve it Help me, please.


Customer is using AOS / ESXI 7.0 u2a / NX-3060-G4 


Pic1 - Capacity before increasing nodes


Pic2 - Capacity after node is increased


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Is there a protection domain with snapshot of the particular vm? 

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I’m not a Nutanix master, but moving nodes from one cluster to another in a production environment IMHO is not a task for beginners.

Can you provide more infos please? I suppose you added just one node to “Lotte” and increased storage from 10.56TiB to 14.09TiB. Is this value expected regadring the capacity of the new node? I don’t see yet how 1.8GB occupied by a snapshot would affect a storage of that size.

How do you think a snapshot would help if sth went wrong? Adding nodes to a cluster does initialize the added nodes and data including snapshots is eventually redistrubuted to include the added disks.

Stay safe,


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In case after 24 hours, the space is not reclaimed and does not appear as free space, contact Nutanix Support for assistance with diagnosing the cluster health.

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Was there a lot of space used in that VM and then deleted?

Sometimes I’ve had to run SDelete on Windows servers to clear up space in a cluster. 

It was also a G4 cluster but running ESXI 6.0.


Good Luck