Windows 2008 R2 Migration from ESXi to AHV

  • 25 February 2020
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I just migrated a VM with Windows 2008 R2 from ESXi 6.0 to AHV but I got blue screen when I turned it on in nutanix cluster. I used move version 3.4.1 somebody knows what happened.


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Hi @Jose_orozco 

You will have to install VirtIO for windows VMs on AHV, you can download the latest version from here. after downloading it, upload it to your cluster via Prism.

When the VirtIO image is in your cluster, go to the VM list > double click on the windows VM in Prism, add a disk with this configuration: 

  • Type = CD-ROM
  • Operation = Clone from Image Service  
  • Bus Type = IDE
  • Image = attach the VirtIO image that you downloaded earlier.
  • Click on Add 

Check out this page for more information and instructions:

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Hi @Jose_orozco let the community know if the reply above helped. Thanks :thumbsup:

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hopefully, you have the time to install the virtio drivers (before getting the BSOD).

Another option is to install the virtio drivers on the source server, so Windows Plug&Play will install the SCSI controller driver and the server will boot automatically after migration with the correct drivers.





Hi @aluciani  I have been tried with jubran’s option but did not work also I want to say I Installed the the VirtIO before the migration but does not work because the windoes doesn't run when the blue screen blue  got to apear

i remain attentive to your comments 




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Hi @Jose_orozco,

Option is to clone disk(s) to ide bus.  Server will start (very slowly). Then you can check the drivers of the SCSI controller, and eventually reinstall this driver. When driver installation is successful, you can clone the disks again, but now to a SCSI controller.

Server should be running without any problem after that (at least, if the SCSI Controller is the problem.)

Did you call Nutanix Support? After all, Windows 2008R2 is supported with the latest VirtIO drivers. They would be happy to support you.




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I understand you migrated the VM using Move 3.4.1. If you are using fully automated migration, Move should not start the migration before confirming VirtIO drivers are installed. This includes VirtIO drivers for disk, memory, and network. If you changed to manual mode you would need to ensure you installed the drivers yourself.

Since you did not indicate there was any error reported from Move, I expect the Move server reported the migration was successful. Please clarify if I’m wrong.

If you wanted to isolate whether this could be a disk driver issue, the steps to convert the virtual disk to IDE are in the KB “AHV | How to install VirtIO drivers for Microsoft Windows Server 2008

I’m guessing it may be something else, though I’m not sure what it would be since 2008 R2 is fully supported on AHV. ref: Compatibility Matrix

If we had some more detail on what is seen from the BSOD, possibly we could come to a more definite answer. Share a screenshot here if you like, but I’d expect quicker resolution if you raise a case.