Possible to V2V from ESXi to ESXi on Nutanix HW with Xtract/Move?

  • 24 June 2019
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I wanted to clarify if Xtract is just for converting from ESXi / Hyper-V /AWS to AHV or if ESXi to ESXi conversions are suppported with Xtract 2.0 / Move 3.0. We have about 100 VMs we'd like to move from one ESXi cluster to another ESXi cluster and I know we could use VM Converter or cross cluster vMotions (where supported) but wanted to see if the native Nutanix tools are also an option for this type of migration.

I had thought it was mainly for migrations to AHV, has that changed?

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3 replies

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I've done some more reading and I can see that it is only for migrations to AHV. I know there a multitude of options to do straight V2Vs with VMware but some configurations make these migration methods problematic.
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Hi @McCranium

If source and destination ESXi cluster are running on top of Nutanix, you can use AsyncDR to migrate VMs from one cluster to another. Just create a protection domain on source cluster with VMs that you want to migrate and after the replicate it, perform the failover. For more information about AsyncDR, check the following documentation:
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Thank you @RichardsonPorto, that is exactly the solution we have settled on. It seems like the best balance for moving batches of systems over to the other cluster. Normally, I would've also considered cross-cluster storage vMotions but the vCenters in this environment are not currently running in linked mode.

Async DR gives us the option to batch the VMs and cutover when we're ready.

Thanks again for your reply, much appreciated.