Nutanix Move v3.6.2 Debian 10 support

  • 18 November 2020
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When trying to move from esxi to AHV of a VM with OS Debian 10, I get an error This VM is not on the AHV supported OS list. To proceed with migrating this VM, please be sure to bypass guest operations and take care of installing AHV device drivers separately. This VM has a guest OS which is not supported on ESXi. Please remove the vm from the migration plan if migrating to ESXi. Is it OS not supported?


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4 replies

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Hi , What's your AHV/AOS version ?

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According to Move User Guide 3.6: Supported Guest Operating Systems Debian 10 is not yet supported, unfortunately.

My AHV/AOS version is Version move: Version 3.6.2But I have read that Debian 10 is not supported, What is the alternative?

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You could use a less convenient process of transferring the disks manually. The process is described in K-2622 Transferring Virtual Disks to an AHV Cluster