Nutanix Move Error: Failed to get inventory for Source

  • 3 September 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi Guys

I am trying move a VM from my ESXi Environment to my AHV ENvironment using Nutanix Move. I am able to add the source, but it doesnt pick up any VMs and when i run a refresh i get the following error: Failed to get inventory for source(ESXi Name).

Please assist

2 replies

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@muhammad.mooidheen-68428 , this sounds like it may be an vcenter account permissions issue. Have you checked that your account has the at least the following access?

If you are stuck, I think next steps would be to open a support incident with our support team and have an SRE take a look.
@jlaunier , thank you for the prompt response. I thought it might have been an account issue and i tried 3 different accounts to no avail. I then redeployed the move VM and that resolved the issue