Nutanix Move and Time on Destination VM

  • 18 February 2021
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We’ve migrated a handful of test VMs from our vSphere legacy architecture to Nutanix (also running ESXi)  Both on ESXi 6.5 and latest Prism/software builds, etc.  When using Nutanix Move to do the migration, we’ve noticed that the migrated VM is taking on GMT for its time when the VM boots up.  We are in Michigan so the VM is five hours ahead, but the local windows timezone Eastern. After logging in and/or rebooting, the time typically syncs up fine.  However, this proved to be a major problem when we moved a domain controller and it caused time to be off everywhere.   ncc health_checks network_checks check_ntp all comes back fine and our time sources are defined properly both in Nutanix as well as NTP oin the ESXi host.  What are we missing or is this a bug?


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I can totally understand your frustration. Please check if this KB helps you in any way: How to change TimeZone in Move VM