Nutanix Move and AWS Permissions

  • 5 February 2021
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When migrating Windows VMs from AWS into a Nutanix cluster and while using automatic Windows VM preparation, it is important to verify permissions configurations in two places within AWS. Specifically, the permissions for the AWS account that is provided when adding an AWS source into Move and the permissions of the IAM profile associated with the VM instance to be migrated. AWS allows permissions configurations to be viewed/updated in a JSON format.

Further, the Move User Guide also lists the necessary permissions for these entities in a JSON format. These JSON values can then be reviewed/compared and, if any of the permissions are missing or configured incorrectly from AWS, simply update the permissions according to the User Guide values. Also, it should be verified that the Windows VM instance is properly managed by the AWS SSM Manager prior to a migration attempt. Further information regarding this can be found within the AWS to Nutanix Clusters on AWS and AHV VM Migration section of the Move User Guide.

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