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  • 14 December 2020
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These days I’m managing, for one of customer, the migration of its virtual infrastructure to a Nutanix AHV farm from an old ESXi. It has some old VMs, with Windows XP as guest OS, that have to be migrated in Nutanix. Those VMs have installed custom software that cannot be installed in newer versions of Windows because they have been written in old VB6, so my question are:

  1. Can they be migrated over AHV?
  2. If yes, can I manage the migration with Nutanix Move or there is another way?

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I guess they can, however, it’s unsupported! But if you install some old VirtIO from back in the days when XP was supported from Fedora it might work! Nutanix have no VirtIO that’s supporting WinXP that i know of. But take a look here:

Install the VirtIO drivers prior to running Nutanix Move, and then move the VM without credentials, try to boot. No guaranties, but atleast you have a safe rollback plan if it does not work:

  1. connet network on Source VM
  2. Power Source VM on

hope that helps :)

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To add to Jonas’ reply, there is a KB-2622 Transferring Virtual Disks to an AHV Cluster which you might find helpful. You would need drivers still. The article explains the manual process just in case Move does not work for the task.