Move Migration via CLI

  • 16 July 2020
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Is there a document that guides on how to use Move migration via command line interface?  I know that there is a web GUI tool.  But, I am wondering if there is another way thru CLI.


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Is there any specific need to use CLI instead of GUI? However, you can deploy Move in the AHV or ESXi cluster by using Prism Element UI or the Move CLI. Once the deployment is successful, you can log on to the Move UI to perform the migration. So only deployment is supported through CLI but for migration, we recommend to use GUI.Please refer following Move Guide

Thanks for looking into this. I have customer that is going to the route of migrating servers from ESXi to AHV using CLI.  As I have not done anything like it or knew about if there is a possibility.  So, wanted to ask around if that can be done.  I am opening the link you provided, but couldn’t open it as it’s asking for an activation key. So, is it doable - there is a way to migrate to AHV thru CLI?  As you said, you recommend, but didn’t say that is not possible. Appreciate the guidance.

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The only Deployment is possible through CLI but not the Move Migration. You need the Nutanix Support Portal access to open the above document.