MOVE 4.1 bug with Network Cards

  • 22 July 2021
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I am using MOVE 4.1 and uncovered a bug where the migrated machine network card fails to build properly.  In the windows server adapter configuration GUI the NIC shows as configured for DHCP.  You can edit that nic by clicking on the IPv4 and assigning an IP and all configuration items. As soon as you save and go back into the settings the IPv4 shows as being DHCP.  However; when you do a command prompt ipconfig /all the static IP actually does stick and is configured and the server responds to network pings/dns.  

Troubleshooting attempted: Delete all registry items for the Network card GUID. Uninstalled adapters from device manager (hidden and visible). netsh winsock reset. netsh interface tcp reset. Deleted NIC and reprovisioned NIC. Rebooted after all action items tested. 

There is an issue with MOVE 4.1 that has to be causing this and I have a case open with NTX Engineering for resolution. I am rolling back to MOVE 3.7.

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