Move 3.0.2 with Hyper-V

  • 29 April 2019
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I used an older version of Move back in September to migrate out ESXi VMs to AHV, and now with the GA release of Hyper-V with v3.0.2 I figured I'd give that a go. I just deployed 3.0.2 and attempted to add my Hyper-V box and it connects, however, it's not inventorying any VMs. I have 6 running VMs on this box so I'm not sure what the issue is. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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2 replies

Yeah..i also facing the same issue with Move 3.0.1. After set the target (AHV) and source (Hyper-V 2012 & 2016), not even one VM were discoverable for both Hyper-V (2012 & 2016) host. Is anyone already make it happen to migrate Hyper-V VM using Move?
After some additional searching I figured it out.. In small text at the bottom of this page: it states "Automatic installation of the Move Hyper-V agent is not supported for Windows Server 2012 (Standalone & Cluster)."

Those Hyper-V VMs are running on a 2012 core box, so I had to manually download the Move Server installer and run the commands on that page to get it installed. Once installed it automatically inventoried all of my VMs. Will hopefully be migrating them over soon.