Migrating or creating new VM templates

  • 16 February 2021
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We are migrating workloads from VMware (vSphere 6.5) to Nutanix AHV (AOS 5.15 LTS). With regards to VM templates, any advantage in creating new templates on AHV? Any gotchas if we migrate (as per procedure, prepare and use Nutanix Move) VM templates to AHV? Anyway, we will have to migrate most workloads, but was wondering about VM templates. We’re leaning towards erring on the side of caution and creating new templates (Linux/Windows) on AHV. However, I just wanted to know if anybody experienced issues with VMs built from migrated templates on AHV and any feedback.


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We recommend converting templates to VMs before migration. Move does not migrate templates to templates because it is a different process on AHV. Once migrated they would have to be turned into images manually.Is that what you meant? If so, then you can do both. Turn templates into VMs (only takes a second, right?) Migrate them. Test them. If there are issues that are easier to re-create then fix then bin the images and create new ones.

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@Alona Yes, I’m aware that we’ve got to convert VM templates to VMs and migrate them (should have made that clearer). I’ll just create new images as they’d be the foundation for future workloads on AHV.