hang at network configuration step

  • 4 March 2019
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when reaching the 4th step the wizard keep showing loading for both source and target network without progress.

6 replies

I'm stuck at the same step, did you find something ?
For this symptoms, please remove/re-add target AHV cluster.
For this symptoms, please remove/re-add target AHV cluster.
I'll finally deployed Move 2.0.2 instead of 2.0.3 and everything was fine.
I'll try asap the solution you gave me and put feedback here.
thanks for your help
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hi @Bionz are you still seeing this issue? if possible can you open a support incident and work with one of our support engineers on this? I have seen this in the past but not recently. I believe in the past it was a bug related to adding PC as a target instead of PE but I believe it has been fixed.
I am using Nutanix move 3.0 , from the 4th step it is not fetching the VLAN confiuration .
it showing "loading ..."
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Hi @balsk be sure to upgrade to the latest version of Move. This was a known issue with PC managed clusters in older versions of Move.