Confirm and verify the Antivirus requirement

  • 25 June 2021
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Two separate but related questions to Move:

I’d like to confirm/verify regarding the Antivirus requirement. Many AV vendors offer the ability to temporarily disable their scanning engines (or at least they used to) except for MS Defender (aka MS Security Essentials/Windows Defender/Microsoft Defender/aka MS Defender 365 etc - either paid or free versions

During an unrelated troubleshooting support call with Microsoft, they indicated that the Defender engine cannot be turned off/it’s built into the OS.


So, as long as VirtIO drivers are able to get installed while Defender is running, is Microsoft’s Defender product exempt from the AV requirements mentioned above?

Q1.1: Are there any particular settings/combination of requirements (i.e. CIS level 1 or 2 like configuration items for Defender) that would not be supported with Move?


Can Move preserve MAC address and other settings of a NIC?

We have some applications that use the MAC address of the primary nic in their licensing  mechanism and any changes to that device (including internal hardware addressing, PCI bus IDs etc) means it has to be relicensed… 

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