Adding Hyper-V to Move 3.5.0

  • 22 September 2020
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Looking for advise, Trying to add a Hyper-V host to Move 3.5.0, but just getting the following error and nothing else, Hyper-V operation [Get Process Info] failed. Getting no other alerts/Errors.


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7 replies

Coolio, Thanks, Case is now logged 

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@ScottMcGhee  If this is a supported Infra you can try to create a case and we can take a look for you in this. 

Tried this and still the same error I’m afraid.

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@ScottMcGhee Following up to see if you were able to fix it ?

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It can also happen if WINRM Basic Auth is disabled on hosts or any of the required port is blocked by firewall: Enabling WinRM We have to make sure that the port 8087 and  is opened on the HyperV host so that Move appliance can communicate. The rule would be to open port 8087 inbound on the Host.  (TCP).

I have made sure this is enabled, Thanks 

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Can you confirm the PowerShell module is enabled for hyper-v have You can run the below command on PowerShell of Hyper-V host to make sure it gets imported and try to add the host again?

Import-Module Hyper-V