Zeus configuration cache is not created; try again later

  • 11 January 2019
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When trying to use the allssh "manage_ovs ...." I get the above error.

As I understand it Zeus and Zookeeper are close friends(as one would expect). Zookeeper implements the cluster configuration information while Zeus is used by other cluster components to access it?

Somewhere I read that when you manually add a new node to a cluster Zookeeper on that new node is not active?

Any information would be appreciated (even rabbit holes). thx.

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3 replies

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Also, doing a cluster status shows every one up and awake.
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Zookeeper runs on either three or five nodes, depending on the redundancy factor that is applied to the cluster. If you already have three (or five) Zookeeper instances running and add even more nodes, IMHO Zookeper does not need to be active on those.
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Thank you.